Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 7 - Out & About In Fortaleza

First day we slept in. We did go to the hospital for a tiny bit to see the patients. I can't believe it's already Sunday and I only have 3 more days here. A small group of us, along with our translator, went to the Dragao Do Mar which is the cultural center where we experienced the color and brilliance of Northeastern Brazilian life - murals, museum, exhibits. We ate lunch at Docentes & Decentes that was absolutely delicious - a taste of classic Northeastern Brazilian food from the state of Ceara - rice, green beans, carne de sol, cassava! Then we were off to visit another shelter that housed a few Operation Smile patients. There were two 12 year old girls with advanced skin cancer, a boy with lymphoma, a girl with leukemia and a brother and sister who had swelling of the brain when they were infants. They can barely walk yet were SO awesome and full of life. The Sister at the shelter told us how they live life to the fullest every moment. They were true inspirations to all. We gave away a lot of toys and toothbrushes and taught the children how to brush their teeth! I also found out that the little boy I was supposed to follow through surgery, Eduardo, came down with something so they had to postpone his surgery until he is healthy. I really hope he feels better and has his surgery tomorrow. Well, talk to you soon!

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