Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 6 - Hands of God

We were at the hospital all day...Played for a little and then went into the Operating Room...Coolest experience EVER! Not every teenager has the chance to be in an OR and witness life changing surgeries! We saw the complete transformation of little Rhemoundo! We witnessed Dr. John extract two teeth...And saw two palates...Dr. Drew was the best surgeon and involved me and Sam. He explained everything and told us what he was doing step by step. We learned about anesthesiology and medication dosages...Different types of stitches...And that a palate has two layers and you fix the tissue...Inspired me to want to be a doctor...Maybe even a surgeon...Just not one that works on the face! OMG - I taught the nurses and doctors how to moon walk in the ER... and got in trouble for it! Haha And Rosie, a nurse from Australia, taught me how to take close up pictures!! Ya it was so amazing - doesn't get any better than this - the grateful children and their families, the generous doctors, the kind spirited nurses, all the brilliant volunteers, the country of Brazil - I know my life has been forever changed in Fortaleza in a mighty way and I owe it all to this charity called Operation Smile.

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